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ASBC Congratulates Secretary Vilsack on His Confirmation to Lead the United States Department of Agriculture.

Washington, D.C. — Today the American Sustainable Business Council congratulated Secretary Vilsack on his confirmation to lead the United States Department of Agriculture. ASBC’s Regenerative Agriculture and Justice Working Group brings together business leaders from industries throughout the agricultural value chain, advocacy organizations, and groups representing farmers, workers, and frontline communities to advance policy.


Preserve the Safer Choice Program

The Safer Choice program—formerly known as Design for the Environment—is the voluntary labeling program that epitomizes effective collaboration between the government and the private sector. It sends a signal to consumers that products certified under the program meet a higher, safer standard. Upending this safety approach would lead the program into analytical paralysis, creating time delays and cost inefficiencies. This does not make smart business sense. Please help preserve this safer chemicals program.