Welcome to the ASBC Working Groups!

ASBC’s Working Groups provide members with an ongoing opportunity to shape and engage in our policy work.

Working Groups are organized around major, policy or issue areas, (e.g. energy/environment, tax reform, safer chemicals, responsible workplace, etc.) and they meet on an on-going basis. The working groups are designed to: act as a body of advisors to ASBC staff; help us think long-term; define principles that guide the on-going work within a policy area; identify new opportunities; provide spokespersons; and mobilize members to support  specific campaigns. They meet every two or three months; are supported by ASBC staff and guided by ASBC members who serve as co-chairs.


ASBC-BizNGO Safer Chemicals Public Policy Working Group

This working group will focus  on public policy initiatives at the state and federal level. The ASBC-BizNGO Safer Chemicals Public Policy Work Group features in-depth analyses by policy experts, monitors federal and state chemical policy initiatives, and engages in and comments on initiatives where we have expertise.


Race and Equity Working Group

ASBC’s Race and Equity Working Group was created to address the inequities prevalent and pervasive in the economic and social construct of the United States and to hold our legislators accountable to social and economic justice. We ensure that the dignity and respect of diverse perspectives, voices and values of a multicultural America are heard and reflected in ASBC’s policy work toward creating an equitable and compassionate economy for all. 


Regenerative Agriculture & Farm Justice Working Group

ASBC is building the business case for public policies and private-sector coordination to create a more regenerative, just, and equitable agricultural system. This ASBC campaign has two main pillars: Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems, and Justice & Equity in Agriculture. 


Climate & Energy Working Group

The objective of ASBC’s Climate & Energy working group is to discuss and identify key problems,  solutions and strategies to address the climate and energy crisis our planet is facing. 


Circular Economy Working Group

The Circular Economy Working Group brings together a wide variety of key stakeholders as ASBC works to tackle the waste crisis, especially plastic waste, in the United States.