ASBC presents a Fast-Track “Safety Net” Path to Health Justice An outside-the-box stop-gap solution to healthcare inequity


The causes of healthcare inequality include systemic disadvantages that require long-term fundamental societal, regulatory and economic changes. But the biggest “front line” obstacles to healthcare faced by minorities are accessibility and affordability. ASBC introduces an innovative stop-gap solution that bypasses these obstacles. The Healthcare Safety Net meets the need for low- cost quality care by delivering direct-to-consumer healthcare for all populations.

The complex problems that plague the US healthcare system seem intractable, until one dares to think outside the box:

  • What if 80% of routine healthcare needs could be met for a fraction of the current cost?
  • What if users could access health care any time of day or night, at their convenience?
  • What if access to mental health care were as easy as picking up the phone?
  • What if patients could talk with a doctor whenever they needed, without having to wait days or weeks for an appointment?
  • What if users didn’t have to travel, or risk sitting in a crowded waiting room, to consult with a doctor?

The Healthcare Safety Net’s strength is built on its experience serving over 1.8 million people with affordable direct-access healthcare. Its success is due to the fact that for 80% or more of routine mental health or medical conditions you don’t need to visit with a doctor in person, you just need to talk with a doctor!

Two key advantages of the Healthcare Safety Net are its affordability and its unrestricted-use benefit: unlimited consultations with an MD, day or night, seven days a week are included in one flat monthly fee of $14.95 for an individual. The $19.95 family plan option provides unlimited access by a family, including all dependent children to age 26.

This low cost is in stark contrast to the $45 to $150 charged per consultation by most insurance-linked telehealth services that require paying both a deductible and a per-session fee. 

Over 45% of Americans can’t afford to pay for healthcare, even if they have insurance. The need for immediate access to low-cost quality healthcare has never been greater, and disadvantaged communities feel this most keenly. Healthcare disparities continue, but solving these systemic injustices takes time, and requires long-term fundamental societal, regulatory and economic changes. Fortunately, many ASBC members and other dedicated activist groups are making important progress towards this goal.

In the meantime, ASBC is proud to introduce the Healthcare Safety Net to play an important stop-gap role in leveling the healthcare playing field for members of all communities, and bring immediate relief to those who need it the most. 

Regardless of where they live, their race, beliefs or ethnicity, their health or employment status, this interim solution provides immediate direct access to quality healthcare to everyone, and thereby helps contribute to bringing Health Justice.

ASBC has teamed up with its High Road Workplace member, CapstoneCare Enhanced Telemedicine, in a collaborative effort to get the word out about this fast-track solution. We invite other organizations and non-profits to join us in this collaboration to quickly bring a low-cost safety net for healthcare to our diverse communities throughout the USA.

For more information on this Healthcare Safety Net collaboration for your community, please contact Paul Tarnoff  or (641) 472-9000 or visit  or


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