Opportunity Zones for Social Impact and Community Benefit


Building Local Economies and Empowering People

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provides a new incentive—centered around deferral, reduction, and elimination of capital gains taxes—to spur private investments in low-income areas designated by states as opportunity zones. Significant interest among investors suggests this new tax incentive could attract hundreds of billions of dollars in private capital. But the broad objective of this new tax incentive—expanding economic opportunities for places and people left behind—cannot be achieved by the market and outside investors alone. Local city governments, together with universities, philanthropies, employers, local financial institutions and community development organizations, must act with deliberation and purpose to make sure opportunity zones spur growth that is inclusive, sustainable and truly transformative for each city’s economy.

In this webinar we will cover basic principles to address diversity equity and inclusion, developing community wealth, strategies to build collaboration, and building local businesses and economies.

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Speakers include:

Ali-Reza “A.R.” Vahabzadeh, Vice President of Memberships & Chief of Staff to CEO, ASBC
Ali-Reza is a seasoned global business development, investor relations and marketing professional, having representing such companies as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and J.P. Morgan Chase on a global basis. He is a graduate of The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Val Red-Horse Mohl, Executive Director, Social Venture Circle
Val, of Cherokee ancestry, is the Executive Director of Social Venture Circle, a non-profit organization with 57 years of combined experience leading the way in the field of social impact; building and galvanizing the business world to create social, economic, and environmental change.

Juan Saldana III, Managing Principal, P3 Markets

Juan is an international and bilingual business executive focused on building community wealth through public-private ventures. Mr. Saldana’s multidisciplinary career spans over 20 years working with, and leading management teams for financial, corporate, real estate, government, NGO, food industry, and educational institutions. P3 Markets focuses on building community wealth through a public-private partnership model for impact real estate developments.


Rachel Reilly, Director of Impact Strategy, Economic Innovation Group (EIG)

Rachel leads the organizations work to support communities, policymakers and investors in their efforts to catalyze sustainable economic growth across the country through Opportunity Zones and other forward-thinking initiatives.

Adam Northrup, Financial Strategist, LOCUS

Adam leads product innovation & development, strategy formulation, and capability advancement efforts at LOCUS Impact Investing and the parent Virginia Community Capital, CDFI. At LOCUS, he provides advisory and investment management services to philanthropic institutions wanting to unlock and deploy financial assets locally.