Healthcare Safety Net Benefit


New “Healthcare Safety Net” benefit:
Fast-track low-cost solution delivers relief to struggling members & employees

ASBC has teamed up with its High Road Workplace member, CapstoneCare Enhanced Telemedicine, to introduce the Healthcare Safety Net to play an important stop-gap role in bringing healthcare relief to individuals, organizations, and businesses at the lowest possible cost.

Over 45% of Americans can’t afford to pay for healthcare, even if they have insurance. The need for immediate access to low-cost quality healthcare has never been greater. Disadvantaged communities feel this most keenly. Healthcare disparities continue, but solving these systemic injustices takes time, and requires long-term fundamental societal, regulatory, and economic changes. But, people can’t wait – they are struggling now!

ASBC is proud that this interim solution provides immediate direct access to quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of where they live, their race, beliefs or ethnicity, their health, employment status or income, for 80% of conditions and thereby helps contribute to bringing Health Justice.

How does the Healthcare Safety Net work?

We address the most common health conditions.
People need doctors for a wide range of health conditions. 80% of these conditions are routine, and so the vast majority do not require an in-person visit to a doctor. Diagnosis and treatment can be delivered successfully by simply speaking with a doctor. For over 20 years, telemedicine has successfully treated these routine conditions by phone and online.

We overcome the big flaw in Telemedicine

While telemedicine is highly rated by patients, its use is limited by the current per-session pricing of $45 to $100 or more which makes it too costly when budgets are stretched to the max. We offer a low-cost, all-inclusive flat monthly fee of less than $15 for an individual and less than $20 for an entire family.  Enrolled members and families can use the service as often as necessary without any added per-session fees or deductibles.

We offer essential direct-access healthcare services
We enable direct-access consultations with MDs and Mental Health Counselors, using industry-leading telehealth services and technologies. This include a messaging service to pose questions and request second opinions. We also provide discounts on prescription drugs.

We make healthcare easily accessible
We offer quick access to MDs and Mental Health Counselors any day of the week, any time of day or night, and from anywhere – via phone, online or app. We eliminate the hassles and inconveniences of waiting days for an appointment, traveling and perhaps missing work, and then sitting in a waiting room surrounded by sickness.

We serve everyone
Anyone can enroll in our Healthcare Safety Net and get care for 80% of conditions. Unlike insurance plans with their restrictions on pre-conditions, limits on use, and expensive premiums, co-pays, deductibles and/or co-insurance costs. We play an important stop-gap role in eliminating healthcare inequities and leveling the healthcare playing field for members of all communities and bring immediate relief to those who need it the most.

Help us spread the word on this immediate stop-gap healthcare solution
We invite other organizations, non-profits and businesses to join us in this collaboration to quickly bring a low-cost safety net for healthcare to our diverse communities throughout the USA.  We make everything easy, and with minimal effort you can bring immediate relief to your members or employees.  Most important, this collaboration does not require any cost to your organization.

For more information on this Healthcare Safety Net collaboration for your community or business, please contact Paul Tarnoff at or (641) 472-9000. You can also visit the CapstoneCare website.