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Companies for Safer Chemicals:
Taking Action on PFAS


PFAS is a diverse class of chemicals used in a wide range of consumer goods, including cosmetics, cell phones, computers, automobiles, textiles (such as stain- resistant fabrics), paints, adhesives, cookware, and more. There are currently more than 3,000 individual PFASs in the global marketplace. [219] While well-known examples such as PFOS and PFOA have largely been phased out of use, they have been replaced by PFASs with similar properties. [220] Many PFASs are persistent in the environment, [221], [222] bioaccumulate in humans and animals, [223] and elicit a range of toxic effects [224], including adverse effects on sexual function and fertility, [225] endocrine disrupting capabilities, [226] cancer, [227] developmental and reproductive toxicity, [228], [229]and more. [230Read more about PFOA. (Research thanks to Made Safe)


Many businesses have taken the initiative to make products safer, more sustainable and free from harmful chemicals, including the class of chemicals known as PFAS. Listening to the demands of consumers and governments, these manufacturers and retailers have found that making and selling products without harmful chemicals is both safer and profitable. If your business is already PFAS-free, it’s important for you to sign the pledge, at right, and include a third-party verification if you have one.


**For businesses that are committing to removing PFAS from their supply chain, please sign here.

ASBC in the News Daniel Moritz-Rabson

Planned U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement ‘Completely Irresponsible,’ Says Business Organization

This Newsweek article features ASBC CEO Jeffrey Hollender’s condemnation of President Trump’s planned withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

“Reckless and completely irresponsible,” is how our CEO Jeffrey Hollender describes President Trump pursuing U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Read about it in Newsweek:


Sustainable Packaging Working Group

The Sustainable Packaging Working group brings together a wide variety of key stakeholders as ASBC works to tackle the waste crisis, especially plastic waste, in the United States. Environmentally-focused organizations and business leaders from across the nation collaborate to help guide our Packaging Waste Reduction campaign, with a focus on both federal and state level policies.


ASBC Summit “Making Capitalism Work for All”
Dec. 10 - 11

Confidence in America’s political and economic institutions is fading fast. CEOs, experts and citizens left and right see erosion of opportunity, systemic economic inequality and a stagnating middle class. They’re urging a course correction for capitalism that will revitalize our market-based economy with innovative reforms – and you can help chart that course.

Blog Mary Wynn RyanExecutive Editor, ASBC

White-Hat Lobbyist Fights the Good Fight

Business values stable conditions, but today’s economic, social and environmental conditions are neither stable nor sustainable. How do you make progress on a large scale when enormously powerful decision-makers block the way? That’s an urgent question.

Blog Jeffrey HollenderCEO, Co-founder and Board Chair, ASBC

Walking the Talk: A CEO to CEO Interview

Founders of bambu®, Jeff Delkin and Rachel Speth, sit down with CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council, Jeffrey Hollender, to share their thoughts on being a sustainable business leader. They discuss and share engaging in policy efforts that defend the triple bottom line and the experiences and outcomes of having to say “no” when new business opportunities can compromise the larger mission and the organization’s commitment to sustainability.


SPLC Summit 2019
May 20 - 22

SPLC’s annual Summit brings together 400 purchasing and sustainability professionals, suppliers, and NGO experts from diverse sectors and regions to share and promote sustainable purchasing best practices for organizations. The Summit’s expert-led sessions, networking, tradeshow, and buyer-supplier matchmaking are open to both members and non-members.

Media Release

Business Leaders Call for Sustainable Criteria to Infrastructure Plans

Washington, DC – Today, the leading policy advocacy group for responsible businesses released a statement about the infrastructure talks between the Trump Administration and congressional leaders. The following may be attributed to Jeffery Hollender, CEO, American Sustainable Business Council: