The American Sustainable Business Council Criticizes Gutting of Federal Clean Water Protections

Media Release


WASHINGTON, DC — The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), representing the public policy interests of more than 250,000 responsible businesses, today criticized the Trump Administration’s repeal of federal clean water protections. Despite objections from the American Sustainable Business Council’s membership and other industry voices, the Environmental Protection Agency today finalized the rollback of  the Clean Water Rule. 

“American business relies on clean water,” said David Levine, President of ASBC. “Gutting protections for streams and wetlands cripples the ability of businesses to produce quality products and hurts the economy at large. While pretending to help business, the Trump Administration’s action to gut clean water protections is instead a massive threat to both business and the environment.

“In addition, our economy will miss out on the large potential for job growth in sectors, such as infrastructure, ecosystem restoration, and technology development, that are vital for achieving clean water goals. We urge the administration to not pursue further rollbacks that threaten bottom lines, and instead we encourage policies that invest in business and innovation that protect our nations vital clean water resources,” said Levine. 

If allowed to be implemented, the existing Clean Water Rule would have generated more than $400 million annually in economic benefits. ASBC supported the Obama Administration’s update to the Clean Water Rule and sided against challenges in court. Business leaders who want to show their support of strong protections of clean water may sign on to the business sign-on letter opposing the Trump Administration’s move to gut the rule here. 

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