The American Sustainable Business Council Endorses the Climate Stewardship Act

Media Release

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) released the following statement endorsing the Climate Stewardship Act, which was introduced in Congress by US Senator Cory Booker (D- NJ) and Congresswoman Spanberger (D – VA). The legislation proposes to significantly increase funding for United States Department of Agriculture programs that help farmers adopt conservation practices to fight climate change and by sequestering carbon in soil. The devastating impact of climate change is most poignantly impacting those who are least protected from its effects. 

“Businesses leaders have been calling for the federal government to support transition of our agricultural investment towards regenerative agriculture. We applaud Senator Booker for the reintroduction of the Climate Stewardship Act as a huge step in that direction,” said David Levine, President and Co-founder of ASBC. “The Climate Stewardship Act will not only help combat climate change but will improve incomes and resilience for farmers, improve farmworker conditions and help meet market demands, growing our economy.” 

The Climate Stewardship Act will assist farmers in adopting practices that foster soil health and other regenerative practices that not only help combat climate change but improve incomes and resilience for farmers, improve farmworker conditions, and help meet increasing consumer market demands, growing our economy.

Colton Fagundes, ASBC Policy Manager, noted that, “A growing number of ag related businesses are interested in regenerative methods of agriculture as way to diversify and build more resilient supply chains while meeting increasing consumer demand for sustainably produced products. Many farmers are interested in regenerative agriculture, but the transition can be difficult without assistance. The Climate Stewardship Act will help with that transition.”  

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