ASBC Applauds Passage of $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution.

Media Release

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) congratulates the Senate and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on moving forward with both elements of an historic package based on President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to improve both physical and human infrastructure and address climate change.

Early today, on a 50-49 party line vote, the Senate approved a $3.5 trillion budget resolution that sets the framework for committees to begin developing the programs for a budget reconciliation package largely focused on climate and the care economy that can be passed with a simple majority. Earlier this week, the Senate had approved by a 69-30 vote a bipartisan physical infrastructure package, totaling about $1 trillion, including previously appropriated funds that had not been spent.

“ASBC and the 250,000 responsible businesses we represent were strong advocates of both actions, and we are pleased to see the Senate moving these critically important agenda items forward, especially with at least some measure of bipartisanship,” said David Levine, ASBC President and Co-founder.

The two measures now move on to the House, which is expected to interrupt its recess on August 23 to consider these measures and perhaps some voting rights legislation. ASBC strongly urges the House to pass these historic investments when they return.

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