Support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act


The killing of twenty-year-old Daunte Wright in Minneapolis is yet another tragic reminder of the urgency to transform our law enforcement system into an equitable, community-oriented force that eliminates racism at its root. At ASBC we believe that constructing an economic model that works for all requires the introduction of substantial policy solution to remove racism and racist practices form policy departments across the country, that’s why we urge for the prompt passage in Congress of H.R 1280 Gearge Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021 and S. 492 Ending Qualified Immunity Act.

Join today a growing number of responsible businesses and investors who are demanding a decisive transformation in law enforcement to end systemic racism. By signing this letter you’ll tell Congress to pass key policies to make police departments more accountable through the use of body cameras, incentivize bans on choke holds and carotid holds, and prohibit no-knock warrants in drug cases.