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June Policy Update

Push for Voting, Opportunity

The U.S. House of Representatives passed H-1, For the People, in March, but as of late June, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and all the other Republican Senators have refused to even allow the bill to be discussed on the Senate floor. ASBC joins all Americans concerned about this escalating threat to our democratic republic in decrying this blatantly evasive maneuver. 


May 2021 Policy Update

More Clean Energy, Fewer Tax Havens

Giving voice to the responsible business community, ASBC has recently endorsed several game-changing bills on climate and energy, including the bi-partisan; Partnerships for Energy Security and Innovation Act, led by Sen. Coons, Graham and Lujan, to establish a Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation. 


April 2021 Policy Update

ASBC’s Justice & Climate Actions Take the Spotlight

On April 15, ASBC-SVC announced they were terminating Barclays membership and refunding its dues, based on the bank’s involvement in an Alabama prison financing deal. Business leaders and investors rallied in our support, urging Barclays, which led the financing, to drop the deal.


March 2021 Policy Update

Pandemic Relief, Clean Water, Less Plastic

American Sustainable Business Council applauds passage of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package on March 11, strongly addressing Covid-19’s devastating harm to Americans’ health and economic survival. 


February 2021 Policy Update

Black History Month Means Business—and Democracy for All 

MaryAnne Howland, ASBC board member, chair of its Race & Equity Working Group, and founder/CEO of Ibis Communications, considers the work in progress that is black history in American society and the business world. 


January 2021 Policy Update

Real Progress vs. Big Problems

ASBC was very encouraged to see many of the policies and decisions we’ve been fighting for become executive orders and initial agency actions announced by the Biden-Harris White House on Inauguration Day, January 20, and in the days immediately following.


December Policy Update

Hope for Workers, Wins for Transparency  

As the incoming Biden-Harris administration conducts reviews of the various departments it will oversee as of January 20, 2021, ASBC has been actively involved with several of the agency review teams, providing recommendations in vital areas of interest to our stakeholders.   


November Policy Update

Mixed Bag of Wins, ASBC/SVC Conference

Responsible U.S. business celebrated the historical turnouts in November’s presidential election following record-breaking participation from voters in both parties. Wall Street was among the first to herald the anticipated results, but ASBC will continue to insist that Main Street’s long-neglected needs are high the new administration’s agenda.


October Policy Update

Last-Chance Voting, Covid Relief Status and Game-Changer Accounting

We’re down to the wire on what is one of a very few literally world-changing elections in our nation’s history. Topping the list of what’s at stake: Our country’s real economy, democracy, human health and a livable planet. Whatever else you do between now and the evening of Nov.


September Policy Update

New ASBC/SVC Alliance,
Election Outreach and Childhood Cancer 

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) has been making the business case for a clean, fair economy for over a decade. Now, we’re leveraging our strengths in a new strategic alliance with Social Venture Circle (SVC), the prominent social-impact networking organization. Read the full press release.


August Policy Update

Senate Abandons Pandemic Relief in August 

Failing to come to agreement on most elements of an urgently-needed second relief package, Congress has adjourned and deferred this issue until after September 8. The end of March’s CARES Act has left tens of millions of Americans without the emergency $600/week employment income replacement from the Federal government and only scant unemployment payments from many states.


July Policy Update

SBC Applauds Biden Climate & Infrastructure Plan,
Urges Trump to Match It

ASBC has applauded Vice President Joe Biden’s newly released Climate & Infrastructure Plan which allocates $2T to fuel green growth for America’s businesses, rebuild the nation’s deteriorated infrastructure and create 10 million new, union-level wage jobs.


June Policy Update

ASBC Draws More Than 700 Registrants for Two Online Meetings to Energize Business Action to Confront Racism

ASBC has long advocated for policies that move us toward a more just, inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy and society, but the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has sparked new outrage, leading to renewed energy toward those goals. 


May Policy Update

Paycheck Protection Likely to Be Tweaked As Congress
Considers New Responses To Coronavirus Stimulus

After several rounds of swift, bipartisan action, there appears to be agreement on fixing the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), with both chambers and the administration talking about extending the eight-week covered period.  However, beyond that, the chambers may be reaching a fork in the road.


April Policy Update

With small businesses and their employees facing an existential crisis, the SBA’s Paycheck Program (PPP) opened in early April, but was plagued by administrative issues, questions about who was getting funding and then ran out of funds within two weeks. An additional $310 billion was added to the initial round of $300 billion in the fourth Congressional response, but many of the administrative issues were left unaddressed.


March Policy Update

COVID-19 Economic Rescue Package Has Help for Business 

Moving with unusual speed, in just the last week of March, Congress passed with bipartisan support and the President signed into law an unprecedented $2.3 trillion Coronavirus economic response package. Although not perfect, it offers hope to the many business leaders struggling to take care of employees and keep their businesses from closing permanently.


February Policy Update

ASBC Members Promote Employee Ownership on the Hill

Employee Ownership was a key topic for ASBC on Capitol Hill in February. The House Small Business Committee held a public hearing Feb. 12 on the issue that included among its witnesses John Abrams, founder of ASBC-member South Mountain Company, which is an integrated architecture, engineering, building and solar company and a worker cooperative for 33 years.


January 2020 Policy Update

ASBC Member Testifies for Paid Leave at House Ways and Means Hearing

Rebecca Hamilton, co-CEO of Gilsum, N.H.-based W.S. Badger Company, a member of the American Sustainable Business Council, testified January 28 in support of the FAMILY Act (H.R. 1185) before the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee. 

Family owned and run, W.S. Badger was founded in 1995 in rural southwestern New Hampshire and employs 100 people in the manufacture and sale of organic balms and personal care products.


December 2019 Policy Update

ASBC Summit Pushes for Real Systemic Change

“Making Capitalism Work for All,” ASBC’s annual Summit, was an inspiring, energizing success for the more than 150 attendees who arrived in the nation’s capital for the two-day event on Dec 10 and 11. 


November 2019 Policy Update

Summit Workshops: Key Challenges & Vital Skills 

Workshops at this year’s ASBC Summit offer a mix of challenging topics plus detailed strategies and skills to handle challenges better. 

Can Capitalism Save Our Planet? offers a choice of three workshops exploring broad, high-impact initiatives.


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