ASBC regularly conducts polling of small business owners nationwide. In recent years polling has covered several policy areas:

Access to Credit

Nine in ten (91%) small business owners support allowing community banks, cooperatives, and credit unions to more actively compete with commercial banks in servicing the financing needs of small business, two-thirds strongly. Support remained very high across party lines, with 87% Democratic (66% strongly), 89% Independent (65% strongly) and 92% Republican (68% strongly) small business owners in favor. Download the complete report.

Campaign Finance

Small business owners view the Citizens United decision as bad for small business. According to opinion polling released by the American Sustainable Business Council, Main Street Alliance and Small Business Majority, the poll also shows small business owners overwhelmingly believe corporations have been given too much freedom to spend money that directly influences political campaigns.  Read or download the complete report.

Clean Water

Small business owners recognize that clean water is crucial for their companies, and for the economy at large. Clear majorities support strong regulations to protect waterways, particularly a federal proposal currently under consideration. Read or download the complete report.

Climate Change

Small business owners are concerned about the impact climate change will have on their businesses – in some cases, they have already seen it – and they support federal action to address it by limiting carbon emissions from power plants. Read or download the complete report.

Corporate Tax Reform

Most small business owners oppose exempting offshore taxes from U.S. taxation and would like to see these loopholes closed. Read or download the complete report.

Energy and Environmental Policy Reform

Most small business owners across party lines support safer, cleaner, more efficient and renewable energy. They support rules to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and oppose continued subsidies to oil, gas and coal industries. Read the complete polling report.

Immigration Reform

Most small business owners support a roadmap to citizenship for current immigrants including those already here. They  prefer a path to citizenship over a program of temporary guest worker visas. Read or download the complete report.

Raising the Minimum Wage

The federal minimum wage was last increased five years ago, in July 2009, to $7.25 an hour. A striking 61% of small business employers nationwide support increasing it to $10.10. This finding is higher than reported in previous small business polling, indicating growing support for the increase. Read the complete poll report, produced with Business for a Fair Minimum Wage.


Small business owners believe that a lack of retirement security hurts business and the overall economy.  Even so, few small business owners offer a retirement plan, with cost being the primary impediment. Read the complete polling report.

Toxic Chemicals

In general, small business owners are concerned about the threat posed by chemicals to the health of humans and the environment, and are supportive of regulation aimed at mitigating that threat. Concern over the health risks posed to human and environmental health by toxic chemicals is shared among Democratic and Republican SBOs, as well as support for stricter government regulations to increase transparency and accountability so health risks can be minimized. Read the complete polling report.