Making Capitalism Work For All


While capitalism remains a dynamic force, challenges such as income inequality, market consolidation, climate change, and the financialization and underinvestment in America’s economy pose serious threats to our continued global leadership and social stability. Many across the country view our current capitalist system as rigged and not working for them.

Traditionally, businesses have focused on maximizing value for their owners and shareholders. But a growing chorus argues that this narrow focus has come at great cost to many others who also have a stake in the economy. If “capitalism is to work for all” then business leaders have to invent ways to simultaneously address the priorities of all their stakeholders.

ASBC is committed to building on the success of our December 2019 Summit by advancing the initiative of ‘resetting’ capitalism and has formed a working group to identify and develop the 10 most important policy initiatives that a new administration must embrace to ensure we manifest a new form of capitalism starting in 2021.

To become involved, please contact Ali-Reza Vahabzadeh, ASBC Vice President of Membership.