NEXT Economy LIVE is a weekly series where experienced members and thought leaders host webinars, interactive meetings, and discussions where the real challenges, insights, and best practices of leading and funding mission-driven businesses can be explored with peers.

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NEXT Economy LIVE Recordings

Episode 70 — 40 Acres and A Mall – Black Co-operativism in Los Angeles (Watch Here)

Episode 69 — Restorative Investing: A Framework for Racial Equity (Watch Here)

Episode 68 – Housing is Healthcare – A Conversation with Two Black Luminaries (Watch Here)

Episode 67 – The Art of Activating Money for Good (Watch Here)

Episode 66 – The Superheroes That Saved Orange Juice (Watch Here)

Episode 65 – Restorative Finance for the NEXT Economy (Watch Here)

Episode 64 – Capitalizing on the Green Real Estate Revolution (ASBC-SVC 2020 Conference, Watch Here)

Episode 63 – Tackling Taboos: Investor Influence on Founder Wellbeing (Watch Here)

Episode 62 – Growing Resilience at a Pioneering Sustainable Winery: Wente Vineyards (Watch Here)

Episode 61 – The Best Kept Secret in Community Investing (Watch Here)

Episode 60 – Making Finance a Tool for Social Justice with Morgan Simon (Watch Here)

Episode 59 – A Conversation with Sir Ronald Cohen on Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change (Watch Here)

Episode 58 – The Financing Gap, Processes, and Terms Perpetuate Racial Injustice (Watch Here)

Episode 57 – Removing Systemic Barriers to Contribution by Investing in Black, Latino, and Native American Technology Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis and Beyond (Watch Here)

Episode 56 – The Story of a South African Retail Giant: A Fireside Chat with Suzanne Ackerman-Berman & Miranda Magagnini (Watch Here)

Episode 55 – Who Should Own Your Business?: Employee Ownership, Economic Justice, & Business Effectiveness (Watch Here)

Episode 54 – Workplace Wellness in a World of Diversity (Watch Here)

Episode 53 – Capital Deployment Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change (Watch Here)

Episode 52 – The New Normal ft. Tabreez Verjee (Watch Here)

Episode 51 – B Corps: Building Back Better (Watch Here)

Episode 50 – Let My People Vote — Desmond Meade in Conversation with Erika Alexander (Watch Here)

Episode 49 – Cultivating an Adaptive Mindset for Success with Dr. Jen Welter (Watch Here)

Episode 48 – Building a rioting INTERNET empire during COVID (Watch Here)

Episode 47 – Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities (Watch Here)

Episode 46 – The Ethical Disruption of the Criminal Justice System (Watch Here)

Episode 45 – Alternative Term Sheets (Watch Here)

Episode 44 – A Conversation with Crystal Echo Hawk (IllumiNative) (Watch Here)

Episode 43 – Mentoring: What Works, What Doesn’t, and How We Checked Our Bias (Watch Here)

Episode 42 – Capital Access in the Next Economy: Did Impact Investors and Philanthropy Fail Black and LatinX Businesses? (Watch Here)

Episode 41 – United for America: Unilever Mobilizing to Support Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Watch Here)

Episode 40 – Investing in What’s Next (Watch Here)

Episode 39 – Impact Real Talk: The Single Most Important Investment in 2020 (Watch Here)

Episode 38 – Be a Pivot Master: Know in Advance if Your Shifts Will Make or Break Your Business (Watch Here)

Episode 37 – Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Getting “Back” to Work (Watch Here)

Episode 36 – A Conversation with Edgar Villanueva (Decolonizing Wealth) on Indigenous Leadership in Pandemic (Watch Here)

Episode 35 – Social Impact Quantification & Analysis: A Model for Practical Application (Watch Here)

Episode 34 – Tools for the Work of Uprooting Racism (Watch Here)

Episode 33 – We Are COMPLICIT: Film Screening & Conversation (Watch Here)

Episode 32 – The Great Adaptation: Change is Coming, Are You Ready? (Watch Here)

Episode 31 – Investing in Solutions, Shorting the Culprits: A Conversation with Robert Brown (Atlas Impact Partners) (Watch Here)

Episode 30 – Communicating with Older Adults & Vulnerable Populations (Watch Here)

Episode 29 – Saru Jayaraman (One Fair Wage) in conversation with Jeffrey Hollender (American Sustainable Business Council) (Watch Here)

Episode 28 – Customer Engagement in a Digital-First World (Watch Here)

Episode 27 – Values-Based Collaborations Across Sectors in a Pandemic (Watch Here)

Episode 26 – How to Build a Successful Virtual Company & Thrive Remotely (Watch Here)

Episode 25 – Philanthropic Adaptation Strategies (A Conversation with Ellen Dorsey of Wallace Global Fund) (Watch Here)

Episode 24 – Our People Are Our Future: An Employee-Centric Path to Better Business Post-COVID (Watch Here)

Episode 23 – The Somatic Technique for Public Speaking (Watch Here)

Episode 22 – Native Financial First Responders: From Relief to Recovery (Watch Here)

Episode 21 – How Early Stage Impact Investing VC Funds & Portfolio Companies Are Adapting Under COVID-19 (Watch Here)

Episode 20 – The Psychology of Resilience: Strategies for the Road Ahead (Watch Here)

Episode 19 – Impact Measurement and Analysis for Decision Making (Watch Here)

Episode 18 – Feedback Hack: Flipping the Switch on Remote Feedback and Why That’s So Important Now (Watch Here)

Episode 17 – Moving Indigenous Businesses & Economies Past COVID-19 (Watch Here)

Episode 16 – Raising Capital for your Business in Times of Uncertainty (Watch Here)

Episode 15 – Indigenous Peoples & COVID-19: Self-Determination, Resiliency, Solutions (Watch Here)

Episode 14 – Preparing for “After” – Legal Strategies for the New Normal (Watch Here)

Episode 13 – Regenerative Agriculture & Climate Change (Watch Here)

Episode 12 – Sounding the Alarm: Will Business Owners of Color Survive COVID & What’s Needed Next? (Watch Here)

Episode 11 – Cybersecurity During COVID: Practical Tips for Remote Work and Incident (Watch Here)

Episode 10 – Strengthening our Democracy: A Smart Way to Create a Positive Rate of Return (Watch Here)

Episode 9 – Being Calm Is Highly Over Rated (Watch Here)

Episode 8 – Catalyzing Your Consumers in Climate Action (Watch Here)

Episode 7 – How to Articulate Your Why and Stay Connected in Times of Crisis (Watch Here)

Episode 6 – Uncertainty’s Best Use: What Disruption Can Produce & How To Seize the Evolution (Watch Recording)

Episode 5 – Cover Your Assets: IP Strategies Despite Uncertainty (Watch Recording)

Episode 4 – Cultivating Foresight (Watch Recording)

Episode 3 – Navigating Pivots & Cash Challenges During COVID-19 (Listen to Recording)

Episode 2 – Your Remote Work Thrival Guide (Watch Recording)

Episode 1 – Business Survival Tactics During Coronavirus (Watch Recording)