Jon Cardinal
Director of Economic Development for US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


A native of Upstate New York, Jon Cardinal is Director of Economic Development for US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. He oversees the Senator’s legislative agenda on various policy areas, including small business and entrepreneurship, workforce and labor, rural and urban development, research, and innovation. He also directs a statewide outreach operation that implements the Senator’s economic development goals.

In 2007, Cardinal started as a staff of former US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. He was a 115th Congress Stennis Center Senior Fellow, honored in 2015 with the Statewide Leadership Award by the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals for his work on federal workforce policy and economic development.

Cardinal graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2008 with an honors degree in Government, and from 2013 - 2017 served on the school’s Board of Trustees.