Meika Hollender
Co-founder and CEO, Sustain Natural


Author, activist and entrepreneur, Meika Hollender is co-founder and CEO of Sustain Natural, developer and marketer of sustainable feminine care products. Her leadership of this innovative, natural sexual wellness brand is catalyzing transformative change across wellness, sexuality, and reproductive health, as chronicled by Forbes, Fast Company, Well+Good, The Coveteur, and other influential business and wellness publications. With a degree from Stern School of Business at New York University, Hollender launched Sustain Natural in 2014, teaming up with her father Jeffrey Hollender, founder and former CEO of the natural products industry leader Seventh Generation. In 2016, Sustain Natural ignited the successful Get On Top campaign for the promotion of safe sex, with 100,000 women joining the cause. The phrase also served as the title for Hollender’s book and subsequent New York-based “Get On Top” Pop-Up Shop.