Meika Hollender
Co-founder and CEO, Sustain Natural


Certain products possess the potential to empower. Not only does Sustain Natural Co-Founder, CEO, author, activist, and entrepreneur Meika Hollender consistently make marketplace history with a myriad of products innovations, she also fulfills an ambition to redefine the narrative around female sexuality. Leading the first natural sexual wellness brand, she galvanizes a revolution across wellness, sexuality, and reproductive health as chronicled by Forbes, Fast Company, Well+Good, The Coveteur, and many others.

Throughout her childhood, Meika found herself surrounded by natural products as her parents co-founded and pioneered Seventh Generation. In addition to gaining an understanding of the benefits of such a lifestyle, her mother and father encouraged an open dialogue at home about everything from relationships to sex. In between attending the Stern School of Business at New York University, she spent a summer in the sustainability department at Johnson & Johnson.

Following her graduation, Meika teamed up with her father Jeffrey Hollender, the Founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation, to launch Sustain Natural in 2014. Speaking to the fact that 40% of condom purchases were by women, the company introduced its flagship product—the world’s most sustainable condom. Detailing all of the ingredients, it represented an unparalleled level of transparency for the sexual health category. Sustain has since grown to include wipes, lubricant, and 100% organic cotton tampons and pads as well as reusable period products most recently. Touting the 10%4Women initiative, 10% of all pre-tax profits benefit women’s reproductive healthcare organizations in the U.S.

Along the way, the brand ignited the wildly successful, Get On Top, campaign as a vehicle for the promotion of safe sex in 2016 with 100,000 women pledging to practice safer sex and marking the first stake in the ground for Sustain to be a movement. The phrase also served as the title for Meika’s own critically acclaimed book and subsequent New York-based “Get On Top” Pop-Up Shop.

Outside of Sustain, Meika serves on the board of Net Impact and Young Visionaries Committee for Planned Parenthood New York City.