Lucas Tanner
Chief Operating Officer, Greyston Bakery


Lucas Tanner, an entrepreneurial executive with extensive experience in finance and operations, is Greyston’s Chief Operating Officer. He helps the firm optimize its financial and operational performance, and, while deeply committed to the firm’s mission of open hiring, makes sure strategy makes financial sense with impeccable reporting standards, control systems, and extraction of value from all data. Tanner understands that providing opportunities and accountable decision-making go together.

Previously, Tanner co-founded five venture-backed firms, including software company Audium (since acquired by Cisco Systems), media research company TRA (acquired by TiVo) and media company Horse Network (privately acquired). Prior to these entrepreneurial ventures, Tanner spent 13 years as an investment banker with Hudson Allen & Co., New York City.was an investment banker for 13 years in New York City at Hudson Allen & Co. He holds an M.B.A. from Columbia U. and a B.A. from U. of California, Berkeley, and is a certified non-profit accounting professional (CNAP-FMA Institute) and a graduate of the Robin Hood Foundation – Leaderlink Nonprofit Leadership Program.