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American Sustainable Business Council And Social Venture Circle Unite
Contact: Chrystie Heimert

New Strategic Alliance Will Significantly Boost Efforts to
Remake & Revitalize the American Economy

WASHINGTON, DC,  September 16, 2020—The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), the nation’s foremost business advocate for an environmentally safe and equitable economy announced today a strategic alliance with Social Venture Circle (SVC), the country’s foremost social impact networking organization.


Revolutionizing Accounting with George Serafeim

Reimagining capitalism is an imperative. We need to create a more inclusive and sustainable form of capitalism that works for every person and the planet. Massive environmental damage, growing income and wealth disparity, stress, and depression within developed economies amid a substantial economic boom are examples of how our current system of creating and distributing value is broken. We need to be able to factor into our decision-making the consequences of our actions not only for financial and physical capital but also for human, social and natural capital.