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Advocacy Group Seeks To Shame Ad Agencies, PR Shops Hyping Fossil Fuel Industry

An article in Media Post quoted Thomas Oppel, executive vice president of the ASBC, about ASBC’s sign on letter - call-to-action to pressure advertising agencies and PR firms to stop working with the fossil fuel industry. Said Oppel, “It’s past time for not just truth in advertising, but truth in the advertising and PR business.”


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ASBC and SVC have formed a new alliance to establish one of the leading socially responsible business and impact investment groups, uniting top entrepreneurs and impact investors, and the leaders of mission-driven companies in common cause while amplifying and extending the collective voice of the sustainable business community in previously impossible ways. This collaboration is a powerful new force for environmental change and economic justice at the federal, state and local levels, one that rejects short-term thinking narrowly focused on short-term shareholder value in favor of a stakeholder economy based on creating long-term worth and universal accountability.

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The American Sustainable Business Council Businesses Calls for an End to Preventable Childhood Cancers
“Childhood Cancer” Report Builds The Business Case For Systemic Change

WASHINGTON, DC,  September 23, 2020 – The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) joined the rally cry to end preventable childhood cancers, encouraging business leaders to take action to support The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative, a collaborative effort to improve children’s health by widely sharing the evidence about the impacts of toxic chemicals on children, as well as opportunities for preventing childhood cancer by removing toxic chemicals from products and environments where children live, learn and play.