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The ability to conduct business depends on the rule of law and equal justice, which came under attack yesterday when domestic terrorists assaulted and ransacked the U.S. Capitol building and disrupted and threatened members of Congress while executing the business of the American people.

For that reason, the American Sustainable Business Council, representing more than 250,000 businesses believes several critical steps must be taken immediately to restore the rule of law and hold accountable those terrorists and those who encouraged, enabled and/or incited them.

Media Release

In the January 6, 2020 Events, the American Sustainable Business Council Released the Following Statement from CEO Jeffrey Hollender And President David Levine

“The assault on our nation’s Capitol is sad and horrifying, but unfortunately is the culmination of serious and repeated attacks on our democracy., and too many who now condemn the mob either enabled the lies and lawless behavior or at best averted their eyes. This behavior is not only unacceptable, but those responsible, as well as those who encouraged and incited it, must be held accountable.  

Media Release

ASBC members Seventh Generation, Ben & Jerrys, Patagonia and More Strongly Urge All Members of Congress to Defend Democracy and Certify Election Results

WASHINGTON, DC, January 5, 2021 — On behalf of the 250,000 businesses ASBC represents, we call on all members of Congress to defend our democracy and certify November’s election results when they meet Wednesday, January 6. ASBC endorses the bipartisan effort from across the country supporting a swift and transparent transfer of power to the Biden-Harris administration, upholding the electoral norms that have been a cornerstone of American constitutional democracy for 224 years.