Over the past few years, it has become clear that the role of businesses, large and small, in supporting inclusive democracy is increasingly pertinent. ASBC has long championed inclusivity and equity as enduring principles on which a healthy economy is founded. And a functioning free and fair democracy is an incomparable tool to achieving such a landscape. We believe bold changes must be made to protect American democracy, and businesses can lead the way.  

As a representative of over 250,000 American businesses, the American Sustainable Business Council is committed to pioneering these necessary reforms in order to ensure the survival of democracy.  

Main goals of the Business for Democracy Campaign include:  

  1. Convene interested businesses with a shared commitment to democracy. 
  2. Provide information on and lead discussion on the important role businesses can play with employees and the public in rejecting political messaging designed to misinform and instill mistrust and rejection of our democratic process. 
  3. Explore the wide array of legislative reforms that can strengthen our democracy. 
  4. Establish a method for businesses to be recognized for taking actions to protect our democracy. 

For this campaign to be successful, the ASBC needs your help. Please share this campaign with your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in order to ensure the success of American democracy.  


Protect Democracy

As part of our ongoing election information campaign, American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) is closely monitoring voter rights policy across the country. Strong leadership is needed to ensure a fair and free democracy, and ASBC strongly supports all business leaders who are dedicated to supporting the results of our transparent voting process that was executed at an unprecedented time by our patriotic election officials and poll-workers.  


American Promise’s 28th Amendment Sign On

American Promise exists to empower, inspire, and organize Americans to win the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. 

This lasting reform will re-balance our politics and government by putting the rights of individual citizens before the privileges of concentrated money, corporations, unions, political parties, and superPACs.