Federal and CA Safe Cosmetics Legislations


Federal and CA Safe Cosmetics Legislations

Sign on to support California legislation that promotes fragrance ingredient disclosure with SB574.

Another victory for the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act in CA! On May 29th, SB574, which gives consumers more information about ingredients, passed the California Senate! But we aren’t done yet. The bill will be reviewed and voted on by two policy committees in the California Assembly in early June and late August before the September floor vote. We need at least 41 votes in support of the bill for it to be passed. If you haven’t already, sign on to show your support for SB574!
 Read the Full Letter to support for the Toxic Fragrance and Flavors Chemical Right to Know Act (SB574-Leyva)

Sign on to a letter that provides formal public comment to a draft federal cosmetics bill, the "Pallone-Shimkus Cosmetic Safety discussion draft", that could and should be stronger. 

Rep. Pallone is the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee where the cosmetic safety conversation is taking place which means he has the power – and responsibility – to introduce a strong, health-protective, consumer and employee-facing bill that recognizes and supports the needs of sustainable companies like yours. 

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