Childhood Cancer Prevention



Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States. And while fewer children are dying of cancer, the rate of children being diagnosed with cancer has actually increased by 33% since 1975. Costing $1.7 Billion a year due to hospitalizations.

We know that toxic chemicals in the environment and in the places where children live, learn and play are important risk factors for cancer. It’s time to take action and to take action together.

We can prevent childhood cancers through systemic changes in business and government policy and practices.

The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative was launched as a collaborative effort to improve children’s health by widely sharing the evidence base about the impacts of toxic chemicals on children, as well as opportunities for preventing childhood cancer by removing toxic chemicals from products and environments where children live, go to school and play. Together we will engage scientists and health professionals to review and interpret research; help manufacturers and retailers drive a shift in business practices; and encourage legislators to implement responsible state and federal policies. We will learn from the experiences of parents, workers, businesses and communities, and provide them with information and tools to avoid exposure to potentially dangerous substances and exercise their power to shift the marketplace.

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A team of over 40 stakeholders and leaders in the Health, Science, Business, Policy and Advocacy sectors are co-creating a new report: Childhood Cancers: Cross-Sector Strategies for Prevention

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We are encouraging everyone to take action to eliminate toxic chemicals. Join us to:

  • Produce and purchase, safer chemicals and products
  • Support and expand regulations to reduce known causes
  • Invest in prevention research
  • Advance public policy to incentivize safer chemicals and products
  • Share the Childhood Cancer Prevention Report and video with your networks (to be released the week of September 21, 2020).

The Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative is a growing collaboration that includes— American Sustainable Business Council, Cancer Free Economy Network Center for Environmental HealthChildren’s Environmental Health Network, Max Cure Foundation,  Clean & Healthy New YorkClean Production Action, Lowell Center for Sustainable Production  Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment CenterMadeSafe, and leading companies such as Naturepedic, Seventh Generation, ECOS and Earth-Kind.

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